About Us

Travel-Gap.com is a sophisticated social networking website which provides a variety of interesting,fun and practical services for independent world travellers. The website targets the ever increasing market for people who are taking a ‘gap year’, a ’career break’ or people who are simply taking an extended ‘time-out’ to travel. In particular, it targets the growing market for people who travel alone. 

  • The company’s mission is to become the leading social networking website for people who are taking a ‘gap year’, a ‘career break’, or simply taking an extended ‘time-out’ to travel.

  • Our services are aimed at the extremely varied and constantly growing extended travel break market and our users range from students to retirees.

  • Travel-Gap will use the growing popularity of extended travel breaks and the surging market of single travellers to bring world travel fully into the sphere of social networking, making it a more accessible and engaging experience for all.

  • Additionally, once the business is achieving the 2nd year financial targets, Travel-Gap aims to use a percentage (5%) of the annual profits to fund small sustainable development projects in some of the Third World countries that are so popular among the travelling community.This will be achieved working with and alongside small NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisations). As our profits increase, so too will the impact that Travel-Gap is able to have on these projects.

  • Travellers are becoming much more aware of the impact they are having on the environment and other responsible travel issues. Therefore, by making a commitment to having a positive impact in the developing world we hope that others may follow.

  • It is Travel-Gap’s intention to not just donate money to projects, but to steer specific sustainable infrastructure projects that result in a goal being achieved rather than just throwing money at situations.

  • Travel-Gap is a business so it aims to make profits. However, it also aims to put something back into the environment and to improving the lives of the less fortunate while providing a fun and enjoyable resource for those that use the website.