Travel Tools -

Coming Soon…..

  • Travel Wallet

    This will allow people to send & receive money securely between friends & family.

  • Travel Safe

    This will allow people to store copies/scans of their passport/travel details/insurance doc etc. so that if they suffer a loss or theft they can quickly access their vital information.

  • Job board

    Great for travelers who are looking for work while travelling - and employers can advertise for free.

  • Stuff for sale board

    Handy for people:

    1. Moving on & need to sell what you don't need anymore.

    2. Just arrived & looking to pick up a bargain.

  • Travel Safety Advice

    Travel Safety Advice (is meant to be the title as per the documents in the DropBox folder)

    This will have World Embassy links, Terror Alerts, Extreme Weather alerts etc.

  • Health advice, Vaccines